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Miyagi SubaruAWD 50th Anniversary Project. Share Subaru’s love photo contestMiyagi SubaruAWD 50th Anniversary Project. Share Subaru’s love photo contest

Photo Contest Overview

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Subaru AWD “Share Subaru Love”
hosted by Miyagi Subaru on Instagram
We will hold a photo contest for Subaru global users.
Take pictures with your favorite photography equipment
such as smartphones and single-lens reflex cameras.
Share Subaru’s love with Subaru users around the world
by posting Subaru cars and landscapes with the hashtag “#subaruloveshare”.

Click here for details on the Miyagi Subaru AWD 50th Anniversary Project.


Application method

Application periodThursday, April 1, 2021
- Sunday, May 16, 2021


Instagram icon

Miyagi Subaru Official Account on Instagram [ @miyagisubaru.official ] Please follow.

miyagisubaru.official insta QR code


photo image icon

Take a picture of your car (Subaru car) with your smartphone or single-lens reflex camera, or select a saved photo.Example
Your car and landscapes / Your car and four seasons / Your car and camping / A state of your car running in acrobatics, etc.

Photograph example


subaru love share

Please attach the hashtag of [#subaruloveshare] to the caption (❶) and specify [miyagisubaru.official] for Tag People (❷) to post.

Instagram posting procedure

Precautions about application
  • If you do not follow @miyagisubaru.official at the time of selection, you will not be selected.
  • Only one application per person.
  • If your account is private, it will not be selected.
  • This contest is open to all Subaru users around the world.
  • If you are under 18 years old (17 years old or younger), parents should apply.
  • The submitted posts may be posted in public relations materials (newspaper / magazine advertisements, printed matter such as posters, homepages, SNS, etc.). Please understand beforehand.


  • From the posts submitted during the application period,Grand Prix (1person), Audience Award (1person), and Miyagi Subaru Like Awards (5people) will be selected.
  • Posts that have passed the initial screening will be posted on the Miyagi Subaru official account(@miyagisubaru.official) as “reposts” from the end of May 2021 after the application period ends.
    At the same time as the announcement, we will start a 7-day general vote (like) on the Miyagi Subaru official account (@miyagisubaru.official).
  • The selection of the award “post” will be judged strictly and comprehensively by the general vote (like) and Miyagi Subaru.

Winning announcement

Scheduled to be announcedScheduled for early June 2021

For those who won the prize, Miyagi Subaru Official Account
We will notify you directly from Instagram Direct Message (DM).
It will also be announced on the Miyagi Subaru official account.
In addition, we will not contact anyone other than the winners.
Please understand beforehand.

Precautions about Selection and Winning announcement
  • We cannot answer inquiries regarding selection criteria and selection status.
  • At the time of notification of winning,Please tell us where to send the prizes via Instagram direct message (DM).
  • Personal information of those who applied for this contest will not be used for any purpose other than shipping prizes.
  • Never win multiple awards.Please understand beforehand.


Precautions about prize
  • Prizes will be shipped around mid-June.
  • Prizes are subject to change without notice.Please understand beforehand.
  • Prizes Colors, designs and sizes cannot be selected.
  • The rights to the prizes are the property of the individual and are not transferable.
In the following cases, the right to win a prize will be invalidated.
  • If the prize cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address input.
  • If you do not receive the prize for a long period of time and cannot deliver the prize beyond the holding period of the shipping company.


Precautions about
the contest

  • The posted photo must be the one in which all copyrights and other rights belong to the applicant at the time of application.
  • The copyright of the winning work belongs to the poster, but the organizer reserves the right to use the post and may use it for multiple purposes ( In addition to TV commercials, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, other video media, various printed materials such as collections of works , etc ).
  • We are not responsible for any infringement of the portrait right of the subject. When applying, please be sure to obtain the consent of the subject and permission to use the above items.
  • If you violate the precautions for application, or if the organizer (Miyagi Subaru) recognizes that the application is similar or double application even after the prize is decided, the prize may be cancelled.
●Post content restrictions

If the organizer determines that the content of the post corresponds to the following, the organizer may exclude it from the examination without giving any notice.

  1. Those that violate the application rules.
  2. Anything that is or may be offensive to public order and morals.
  3. Anything that infringes or may infringe the copyright, portrait right or other rights of a third party.
  4. Anything that hurt a third party and infringes on its privacy. Also, those that may do so.
  5. Those that violate laws and regulations or lead to criminal acts. Also, those that may do so.
  6. Those judged by the organizer that do not fit the purpose of this contest.
  7. Anything that interferes with the proper operation of this contest. Also, those that may do so.
  8. Unreadable posted photos.
  1. The organizer, Miyagi Subaru Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) will manage all of this contest.
  2. The organizer may change the contents of this contest if it deems it necessary, and may take all necessary measures to ensure the proper operation of this contest.
  3. When applying for this contest, the applicant shall follow the management method of the organizer and shall not make any objection to the management method.
  4. The organizer shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use or inability to use Instagram.
  5. Applicants are responsible for all application costs such as connection fees and communication fees.
  6. For languages ​​other than Japanese, we will respond in English.

※This contest is run based on the Miyagi Subaru Social Media Policy. For details, please check the Miyagi Subaru official website “Social Media Policy”.

Photo contest prize announcement

As a result of the final examination,
among the many submitted works
The following 7 works have been awarded.
Thank you for your application.